Review : Arctic MX-6 Thermal paste



We have come to the end of this test. With this MX-6, Arctic offers us an excellent alternative to the best thermal dough on the market. Its price is certainly higher than what Arctic has been accustomed to, but the product performs well and remains very competitive. For us, this is an excellent choice that will easily replace the best thermal pastes on the market. Arctic MX-6 As a reminder, this thermal paste is available to order in France directly from Artic at prices ranging from $6.79 to 1$1.99 for 2g to 8g. But it can also be found on the Arctic store for Europe.

Arctic MX-6

We liked:

  • Minimalist packaging and bundle without excess
  • The performance on CPU
  • The excellent resistance in long load (ideal on GPU ?)

We would have liked:

  • Less sticky paste (be careful with AM4 CPUs)

médaille award OMF or goldArctic regales us again after the very good MX-5 that disappeared prematurely. This MX-6 is among the best on the market. And, even if the price goes up, we’re still below the competition with a better price-performance ratio. It’s almost flawless here because, like the MX-5, the MX-6 tends to stick the cooling to the CPU.

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