Pro H610M 12VO : MSI launches a 12VO ATX motherboard!


The ATX12VO standard is making its way and here it comes to MSI. The brand announces its Pro H610M 12VO, a card powered by this new standard. Exit the imposing 24-pin ATX connector and hello to the ten-pin model.

Pro H610M 12VO: an MSI card with the new power supply standard!

MSI Pro H610M 12VO MSI announces a new micro-ATX motherboard with a LGA-1700 socket and anH610 chipset . So much so that even the power supply stages are not cooled by heatsinks. In short, the originality of this reference lies in its power supply which is upgraded to the ATX12VO standard. This takes the form of a 10-pin connector, so the big 24-pin model is out. Moreover, it is also up to the motherboard to supply the voltages to power the SATA storage units. Hence the presence of two small 4-pin connectors under the 10-pin. Apart from that, we have a fairly basic model with a single PCIe x16 4.0 connector. It is also completed by a single PCIe x1 3.0. Otherwise, the storage part offers an M.2 and four SATA III. Finally, for memory, we have two DDR5 slots for a maximum capacity of 64 GB. In short, all that remains is to see how much this model will be charged, we must say that we are curious. On the other hand, if you want to get this card, keep in mind that a power supply change will be necessary unless you use a 24-pin ATX adapter ==> 10-pin. But in this case, we lose the interest of the new standard which is a better performance at low load.

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This way to the MSI datasheet !