AMD Epyc 4004: first leak of server CPUs for AM5


We’ve been talking about the arrival of AMD Epyc 4004 processors, designed for servers but mainly in AM5 format. What was only a rumor is now considered more and more credible, and AMD could even make an announcement very soon. In the last few hours, while rummaging around on eBay, users of the Chiphell forum found an American reseller offering seven models of the EPYC 4004 series, even though these have not yet been announced by AMD. For this leak still doesn’t count as confirmation, and even if these Epyc 4004s were unveiled in this unusual way, we still haven’t heard a word from the reds on the subject.


EPYC 4004 processors unveiled on Ebay

So, with all the necessary reservations, if all this is true, we would even have the little names and references of the 7 versions:

  • AMD Epyc 4244P (100-000001480)
  • AMD EPYC 4344P (100-000001479)
  • AMD EPYC 4364P (100-000001477)
  • AMD EPYC 4564P (100-000001476)
  • AMD EPYC 4384PX (100-000001483)
  • AMD EPYC 4484PX (100-000001482)
  • AMD EPYC 4584PX (100-000001481)

Processors with the X designation would be the “X3D” variant, which would include a large L3 cache capacity, following the trend of AMD chips launched for consumer product lines.

For those still wondering, the EPYC 4004 processors would use the Zen 4 architecture, similar to that of the Ryzen 7000, and would also be compatible with socket AM5, a new feature for the EPYC series. This compatibility could open the door to AMD’s official entry into the field of low-cost servers, to better meet the needs of the expanding datacenter market. The possible arrival of these processors has triggered discussions about the interest of this series for semi-professional configurations, particularly in view of the transition to a common socket with the Ryzen series. Some members of the community are enthusiastic about the increased flexibility, while others remain skeptical about the security and performance implications for traditional server applications.