More fans than ever: an RTX 4090 with 5 fans!


The Maxsun brand has announced a new graphics card, an RTX 4090, a model that boasts five fans! The card belongs to the MegaGamer series, and when you see the pad, you quickly understand the Mega designation.

RTX 4090 MegaGamer, the card with five fans!

Maxsun RTX 4090 MegaGamer

Maxsun continues to expand its MegaGamer board series, a range we already mentioned back in March. At that time, the company offered an RTX 4070 Ti based on the same model. This time, to attract a little attention, the company points out that this is the first 4090 in the world to be equipped with so many fans!

But let’s not be fooled by marketing. With this product, Maxsun is showcasing an imposing 4090 whose heatsink will occupy three slots in a case. However, there’s also a tiny PCIe bracket just two slots high.

The heatsink is elaborate, with a large 7,000 mm² vapor chamber, nine copper heat pipes and an imposing aluminum fin block. The brand also highlights its five fans. There are three on the front of the board and two smaller ones on the edge. Their purpose is to help extract hot air, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on the noise they generate.

Maxsun RTX 4090 MegaGamer

With such a heatsink, it would have been a pity not to have the right to factory overclocking . The card features a boost frequency of 2580 MHz, compared with 2520 MHz for the reference card.

Finally, there are a few amusing accessories, such as an LED panel mounted on the edge of the card. This works a bit like the front panel of the In Win 309, and can be used to display motifs of your choice.

As for the brand itself, it focuses primarily on the Chinese market. However, its products can be purchased internationally via Aliexpress, but for the time being, this model does not yet appear there.