Mega Gamer, an RTX 4070 Ti with five fans at Maxsun!


The Chinese brand Maxsun announces a new graphics card equipped with a total of five fans. Indeed, we have three on the top and two on the edge. The goal is always to bring a maximum of air flow and improve the cooling capacities. The question behind that remains: is it really efficient?

Mega Gamer: five fans for one graphics card!

Maxsun RTX 4070 Ti Mega GamerWith this new card, the company distinguishes itself by the number of fans on the card. Indeed, we find five of them, three big ones on the top and two small ones on the edge. The goal is to maximize the air flow. However, the question remains to know if it is really useful… Not to mention the noise that can be unpleasant. From experience, small fans need to run at high speed to provide a proper airflow. Nevertheless, they generate a high-pitched noise that can cover the noise of big fans.

Next to that, we find an elaborate heatsink with numerous heat pipes and three distinct aluminum fin blocks. The GPU, memory and VRMs will come into contact with nickel-plated copper areas. Obviously, the card should offer factory overclocked frequencies.

It remains to be seen when it will be available for sale. However, Maxsun being Chinese, it will be necessary to go through the import process.