Meteor Lake processors: a disappointment?


Over the past few weeks, rumors have been multiplying that several notebook manufacturers are disappointed with the performance of the upcoming Meteor Lake notebooks. According to sources consulted by MLID, Meteor Lake offers no significant performance improvement over Raptor Lake. For the record, the Meteor Lake generation will be dedicated exclusively to notebook PCs, with stated objectives in terms of efficiency and on-board graphics power. We’ve already spoken at length about the major upheaval that led to the creation of this generation at Intel. But let’s take a closer look at this information, which, let’s not forget, is only rumor at this stage.

Meteor Lake : une évolution majeure chez Intel
Meteor Lake: a major evolution for Intel, but some are already talking about disappointment

Meteor Lake barely better than Raptor Lake… So what?

So, the Core Ultra “Meteor Lake” processors will be barely better than the existing Raptor Lake offerings. New features would be concentrated on vague marketing statements about AI and the integrated NPU. Graphics, however, will take a quantum leap forward, and these future processors will also be more energy-efficient… Are we facing a scandal here?

Objectively speaking, there’s probably a reason why Intel didn’t want to release a desktop version of this generation. The stakes were elsewhere. If we refocus on the notebook market and the state of the competition, offering performance on a par with Raptor Lake, with graphics that are at last satisfactory and increased autonomy, would be a real step forward. After all, who needs more CPU performance these days? Is the competition really a threat to Intel… Not in X86 anyway.

The stakes are therefore going to lie more in efficiency than in performance, and that’s where this generation will be judged.