Maxon has just released Cinebench 2024


Warm up your configurations and download the new version of Cinebench 2024 produced by Maxon. Prepare yourself for the (free) download, as in addition to the CPU test, it also reintroduces a GPU test, resulting in a file size of 1.6 GB. So we rushed to download this new Cinebench 2024 to test our configuration, which we use for graphics card testing.

We’ll be testing the performance of our stock i9-12900K processor and our TUF Gaming RTX 4090. Like the Cinebench R23 version, this benchmark lets you test the stability of your processor or graphics card by choosing a pre-defined benchmark duration.

In the end, we achieved a score of 1486 points with our i9-12900K and 34207 points with our TUF Gaming RTX 4090 graphics card. Please note that Hwbot has already added this new benchmark in “beta” mode, which means that it currently yields no points. Please feel free to join us on our Discord to share your results with us, or go directly to the comments below this brief and don’t forget to specify your configuration!