Lian Li vs Phanteks, a patent infringement claim!


So, Lian Li takes out the American legal apparatus against one of its competitors: Phanteks. Phanteks is accused of patent infringement relating to the series connection of D30 fans. These fans are found on the brand’s latest AIO series, the Glacier One D30!

Lian Li vs Phanteks: patent infringement in the firing line!

Phanteks Lian Li D30

For the record, in 2020, Taiwanese brand Lian Li filed a patent concerning an innovative serial connection system for fans. In effect, the connector is directly integrated into the frame, while the fan cluster is driven by a single cable. All this is described in patent US 10,690,336 B1.

Now, Phanteks’ D30 fans feature a similar system with bridge connectors. These connect the fans to each other using special clips. In short, the question is which part of the patent is concerned… If not the whole patent itself.

Lian Li UniFan SL140In any case, the Taiwanese contacted Phanteks in May 2023, and there was no reaction from Phanteks. The attacking brand considers this to be deliberate patent infringement, since the fans have not been removed… Or does Phanteks consider that it is in the right and that no patent has been infringed?

In any case, the Taiwanese company filed a lawsuit against the Dutch company in California on September 8. It is seeking a permanent injunction against Phanteks and its subsidiaries, prohibiting them from selling the offending fans without a license or financial consideration.

It remains to be seen who will be vindicated by the courts, in the meantime.