Lian Li offers Streamer Plus V2 extension cables in 12VHPWR


Lian Li expands its range of aRGB cable extensions. Indeed, the Taiwanese brand offers its Streamer Plus V2 equipped with 12VHPWR connectors. Several configurations are proposed with PCIe on one side, 12VHPWR on both sides and extensions more or less wide!

Streamer Plus V2: three different cable configurations!

Lian Li Streamer Plus 12VHPWRWith its new extension cables, Lian Li offers us several configurations. Indeed, the choice of connectors varies. We can choose a strand with two 12VHPWR or a strand with one 12VHPW male and three PCIe 8-pin female. Finally, you should know that if you opt for the double 12VHPWR you will have two cable widths: 12 light guides or 8. This will depend on the amount of diodes you want 162 or 108.

For the rest, the principle has not changed since we always find cables sheathed strand by strand in white color. Above them are applied optical fibers that will diffuse the aRGB lighting. To maintain all these strands in place, there are black plastic clips containing the light diodes. Finally, the synchronization will be done via a cable to be connected to the motherboard or the L-Connect 3 box of the brand.

As for prices, they are 49.90 € with eight lines against 59.90 € with twelve.

Here is the technical data sheet of Lian Li!