ASUS offers its TUF Gaming TR120 aRGB fans!


ASUS unveils its new TUF Gaming TR120 aRGB fans. These new, slightly thicker-than-usual fans come with normal or inverted blades. The aim? Maintain maximum style and maximum performance, depending on where you place them!

TUF Gaming TR120 aRGB: normal or inverted blades, all in 28 mm thickness!

ASUS TUF Gaming TR120 aRGBWith these fans, ASUS offers us 120 mm models that are slightly thicker than normal: 28 mm instead of the usual 25 mm. This allows the brand to fit thicker blades than usual, all to boost performance.

The other special feature of the TR120 aRGB is that it comes with inverted blades. The aim is to retain as much style as possible, so that when the fans are mounted as suction fans in the bottom of an aquarium housing, for example, they won’t look all ugly.

In terms of performance, ASUS has announced that its mill will operate at up to 2000 rpm. At full speed, airflow will reach 77.4 CFM while generating 3.3 mmH2O of static pressure. With the blades reversed, both static pressure and airflow drop slightly. In this scenario, count 76.3 CFM and 2.75 mmH2O.

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Here’s the ASUS product sheet!