TCL presents the first 4K 1000 Hz panel


This is a bit of surprising news unveiled during the DisplayWeek 2024 conference in California over the last few hours. TCL presented a 4K 1000 Hz panel that could be used in next-generation monitors.

TCL 4K 1000 Hz
no, it’s not a joke, TCL is announcing a 4K 1000Hz monitor

Usually, this type of announcement at a conference automatically generates a press release. This is not the case, and that’s why we’re cautious. However, the official elements of the TCL stand presentation are clearly announced and have not been questioned:

The TCL CSOT stand is organized into ten technology areas, including HVA, HFS, MLED, MLCD, FMM OLED and IJP OLED, each showcasing their latest advances. Attendees can explore products such as the 85″ UD w-HVA Pro, the world’s first 7.85″ tandem tri-panel display, and a 14″ 2.8K inkjet hybrid OLED display. Other highlights include the world’s highest MNT CR 4000:1 HFS, the world’s highest resolution 16″ 8K laptop display and the 14″ MUX 1:3 Ln-Oxide display. TCL CSOT will also present 7.85″ under Face Auth Display, the world’s best. first 57-inch MLED MNT with a thickness of 6.9 mm and the world’s first MNT with the highest 4K refresh rate of 1,000 Hz

TCL 4K 1000 Hz

How to (technically) enjoy a 4k 1000 Hz panel?

For the moment, there are no monitors close to 1000 Hz. We’re starting to see the gradual arrival of references claiming 500-600 Hz, but this refresh rate is “only” tenable in 1080p.

Once the astonishment is over, the basic questions remain. Which GPU can deliver this level of performance? Today NONE, tomorrow probably neither… The future high-end standard that seems to be taking shape could be 4K 240Hz, and it will make most next-gen GPUssweat… If we disregard technical constraints, can the 4K 1000 Hz display really do anything? Is it perceptible to the human eye? We’d love to hear what you think.