Jonsbo NF2: the new memory array cooler


Jonsbo NF2 is the brand’s new memory cooler, available in black and white. Equipped with two high-performance 50 mm fans, this NF2 memory cooler from Jonsbo ensures that memory modules stay cool, especially for overclocked memories. The NF2 memory cooler is ideal for configurations using liquid CPU coolers (AIO). Airflow around the CPU socket and memory is restricted.


The little extra over the competition

Unlike most memory coolers, which attach to memory modules or DIMM slots, the Jonsbo NF2 memory cooler is securely fitted to the screw holes on the motherboard. The memory cooler comes with a set of screws and brackets that replace the standard motherboard screws.


NF2 technical specifications

The distance between the NF2 memory cooler and the memory modules has a fixed height and supports memory modules up to 54 mm high. An additional set of pillars is available to increase the supported height by 8 mm. The cooler uses two 50 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm fans. Rated speed is 600~3600 -10%, pushing a volume of 1.30~9.11 CFM and an air pressure of 0.17-1.6 mm H2O. Fan acoustics have a maximum sound value of 22.4 dB(A). RGB fan lighting supports motherboard RGB synchronization technologies.


Technical data:
  • Dimensions: 146 mm x 65 mm x 28.1 mm
  • Fan size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 20 mm
  • Fan speed: 600~3600 -10
  • Fan air flow: 1.30~9.11 CFM
  • Fan air pressure: 0.17~1.6 mm H2O
  • Fan noise level: 22.4 dB(A) (max)
  • Fan MTTF: 20,000 hours at 25°C
  • Connectors: fan – 4-pin PWM, LED – 3-pin ARGB
  • Rated voltage: fan – 12 V, LED – 5 V
  • Rated current: fan – 0.06 A, LED – 0.24 A
  • Power consumption: fan – 0.72 W, LED – 1.2 W
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