Intel changes the packaging of its Core i9 13900K and 13900KS!


A new product change notification from Intel, which indicates that it has changed the packaging of certain processors. Indeed, via Tom’s Hardware we learn that the packaging of the Core i9 13900K and Core i9 13900KS has been simplified. The aim is simply to reduce costs as much as possible!

i9 13900K and i9 13900KS: simpler, more compact packaging!

Intel Core i9 13900K i9 13900KS changement packaging

Broadly speaking, Intel is proceeding in the same way as with its Core i9 12900KS. The brand is voluntarily reducing the quality of its i9 13900K and i9 13900KS packaging by offering a more compact box. The aim is clear: to increase the number of units per pallet from 324 to 1620. This will enable the company to achieve economies of scale, both in terms of packaging and shipping.

As you can see, the pretty box with the silver plastic wafer is a thing of the past. Instead, we’re content with a basic Tier 4 box in folded cardboard.

Finally, this change comes rather quickly in the life of the processor. Let’s not forget that it was due for release in the fourth quarter of 2022, and that we’re now in June 2023. By way of comparison, the Core i9 12900K was launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the packaging change only took place last month last month.

Clearly, according to our colleagues, Intel is doing this because they’re getting ready to launch something new. Yes, it’s hard to forget, but rumors indicate that Raptor Lake Refresh could well land by the end of the year. This is corroborated by the recent publication of gigabytebios bios supporting the new-generation processors.