Change of packaging for the 12900KS!


In a product change notification, Intel announces that it has resorted to a packaging change. The latter concerns the Core i9 12900KS which now does without the plastic wafers .

The Core i9 12900KS will now be sold without the plastic wafer!

Intel Core i9 12900KS packagingUntil now, the Core i9 12900KS was sold in a rather thick box with a fake plastic wafer . A small decorative element that can please the fans (or not) of the brand.

In a recent product change notification, the company says it has simply removed it. The CPU now comes in a more basic and slim cardboard box. This box will only contain the processor and the various user manuals/warranty. Remember that given their TDP the Core i9s arrive without a radbox heatsink.

For the moment, the change only concerns this 12900KS, the 13900KS continues to be proposed with this small decoration. Just note that it is silver instead of gold for its counterpart of twelfth generation.

After all, there’s nothing surprising about this little change since it’s a CPU that was launched last year, in the first quarter. Moreover, its selling price has plummeted since it can be purchased for around $399 on amazon. By way of comparison, when it was launched, it was a CPU that cost more than $700! Please note that you can still find the little decoration, while the old stocks are emptied.