Intel and Arm to go a long way together


Intel’s Foundry Division (IFS) and Arm have announced an ambitious agreement to build ARM SoCs using Intel’s manufacturing processes. The first products resulting from this collaboration will benefit from the Intel 18A technology which will be deployed in factories in the USA and Europe. The agreement also stipulates that the 2 entities (Intel and ARM) will exchange in order to optimize their respective technologies of power management. This agreement will allow Arm licensees to manufacture their products in an Intel factory in the near future. This is obviously good news for the competition, but it is also in a way a response to the uncertainties and tensions weighing on Taiwan (and thus TSMC by ricochet).

Intel ARM deal
The use of the 18A process is important for Intel: this step is announced internally as the moment of resumption of technological leadership

A deal that gives Glesinger some breathing room

From a broader perspective, this is good news for Pat Gelsinger as the chip giant recently announced a $700 million net loss for the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2022, while revenue fell 32%, in part due to falling PC and laptop sales after the euphoria caused by Pandemic.

This announcement should in any case do good to Intel’s stock market trajectory…But also complete the timeline of ARM, which after its real-fake marriage with Nvidia, should finally go public.