14th generation Intel Arrow Lake-S CPUs to launch in early 2024?


If you read us, you have understood that there is some kind of confusion with the generation that should succeed Raptor Lake. For a long time, we thought that Meteor Lake would be the next one with a presence on PCs and laptops…But it’s not at all what is taking shape since it’s Arrow Lake-S that could arrive much sooner than expected. Originally, Raptor Lake was supposed to reinforce Intel ‘s new direction by putting more emphasis on computing and gaming performance. Meteor Lake was supposed to follow Raptor in the last months of 2023 while Arrow Lake-S was planned for 2024.

Intel Arrow lake-S socket LGA-1851
The new socket for Arrow Lake-S: same size but you’ll have to change your motherboard

With the deployment of the new process of engraving, Intel will launch the Redwood Cove and Crestmont cores for Meteor Lake in the last months of 2023 but a priori only for mobile targets. For desktop PCs it will then have to wait until early 2024 where Arrow Lake-S could be launched very early in the year. This generation will support 48GB DDR5 DIMM modules and will use the Z890 platform. The particularity of Arrow Lake is that this generation should use the Intel 20A process (It is an engraving in 5 nm, but Intel claims that its efficiency allows it to be competitive with the 2 nm of its competitors. The arrival of Arrow Lake could also allow Intel to assert that the company respects its schedule to the letter. Especially since the next engraving process (Intel 18A) also seems almost finalized.

Arrow Lake-S Intel 20A

Raptor Lake Refresh to wait until 2024…

In the meantime, the blue should occupy the field throughout the year 2023 with Raptor Lake and a Raptor Lake “Refresh” of which we do not know much for the moment. However, one thing seems certain: after Raptor Lake, it will be necessary to change the motherboard…