Ikea focuses on gaming


We remember the Swedish furniture specialist’s collaboration with Asus in 2021. Today, IKEA has unveiled BRÄNNBOLL, a brand new collection designed for gamers. The range comprises 20 products and stands out for its deliberately counter-current approach to the (worn and abused) aesthetic canons we know from gaming. There are a few classic accessories like a mouse pad, but the majority of the range is made up of furniture.

Ikea Gaming rangements
Ikea persists in gaming: compromises & good ideas

A collection at odds with the “historic” aesthetics of gaming

The contrast with everything we’re used to seeing in this field is striking. It has to be said, this range should disturb traditional gamers, but will undoubtedly please their parents. The various elements are brightly colored, and some of the touches have more to do with street sports than gaming. IKEA explained its new philosophy in an article on its website:

With BRÄNNBOLL, we adhere to the idea that gaming is for everyone and has its place everywhere in the home. It’s about making it easy for people to create spaces that suit play, life and everything else. We hope this collection will encourage friends and families to engage together, bringing joy and connection through shared play experiences.

Seating is the focal point of the collection, with a variety of ergonomic chairs designed to support different postures and play scenarios, including an inflatable chair that builds on previous infamous attempts to introduce inflatable furniture. In addition, the collection includes a revisited gaming desk, equipped with a folding top, a niche to integrate the PC, cable management, which effortlessly transforms from a playground into a discreet piece of furniture once closed. The collection is complemented by a number of storage solutions, such as a wall-mounted cabinet, castors on castors, side tables and a multifunctional basket that doubles as a mobile stand-alone table. Added to this are accessories and decorative elements, such as a mouse pad, rug and throw, designed to add a personal touch to the play space.

IKEA “Gaming”: compromises to respect the harmony of the home… But also the social atmosphere of the moment.

Objectively, it’s hard to form a true opinion, but we can’t help thinking that Ikea wanted to tick as many boxes as possible to conform to the mood of today’s society.

A situation we took a stand on some time ago with regard to certain Logitech products. This time, however, we’ll be a little more measured, since some products – as this last image attests – can easily find their place in certain living rooms.