Gigabyte also highlights future support for 256 GB RAM


After MSI, followed by ASRock, it’s Gigabyte’s turn to announce future support for 64 GB memory kits. Via new bios, as you may have guessed, it will be possible to install up to 256 GB of RAM on a mainstream platform!

Gigabyte announces support for 256 GB RAM on its motherboards!

256 Go de RAM Gigabyte

Like its competitors, Gigabyte has not announced a specific date or motherboard for this RAM support. However, it is expected that more or less all DDR5-compatible motherboards will be affected. This should include Intel models based on 600 and 700 series chipsets. On the AMD side, this includes more or less all AM5 boards, since these models only support DDR5.

In any case, this allows you to add a significant amount of memory to your system. By going from 192 GB to 256 GB, we’re talking about a 33.33% increase in capacity. Where it gets even more interesting is on ITX cards or overclocking series limited to two memory slots. In fact, you can easily upgrade to 128 GB of memory.

For the moment, it’s hard to say when the bios will be released, but it’s not impossible that it could be early 2024. In the meantime, the company is sharing screenshots where such capabilities can be seen in action. One shows an i9 14900K Z790 Aorus Master X and the other a Ryzen 9 7900X3D B650 Aorus Elite AX Ice pair.