ASRock also announces support for 256 GB RAM!


At the moment, there are quite a few memory-related changes afoot. As we’ve just seen, our desktop PCs are about to see a further increase in their maximum RAM capacity. Following in the footsteps of MSI, ASRock has also announced support for 256 GB of memory!

ASRock also increases maximum RAM to 256 GB!

ASRock 256 Go RAM Support

This move to 256 GB is made possible by the increased memory capacity of RAM modules. Micron offers new-generation DRAM with increased capacities. Naturally, as memory chip capacity increases, so does the capacity of the memory strip.

While for some uses, such as video games, 256 GB of memory won’t be much use, for others it can be important. These include content creation, virtual machines and so on. What’s more, it can also be very useful for motherboards with only two DIMM slots, such as ITX models or overclocking series.

In short, ASRock is doing its little demonstration and announcing support for 256 GB of memory on its motherboards. In the example given, we’re talking about a Z790 Nova running an i5 14600K. As for memory, it was running at 6000 MT/s (3000 MHz real).

Of course, bios updates will be launched shortly to offer this support.