Frozn A720 Black: a new all-black ID-Cooling heatsink!


ID-Cooling introduces a new cpu cooler reference. The brand has announced the Frozn A720 Black. This new reference benefits from a double-tower design and a very modest price for its size!

Frozn A720 Black: a 140 mm dual-tower heatsink for 50 francs!

ID-Cooling Frozn A720 BlackWith this heatsink, we’re back to an imposing reference with its 140 mm double-tower format. This results in dimensions of 140 (W) x 153 (D) x 163 (H) mm. Despite this, the height remains fairly contained, unlike other models. However, when it comes to memory compatibility, things look tricky. Without a front fan, expect 58 mm of height clearance, versus 34 mm with one.

On closer inspection, the heatsink features two cooling towers, each crossed by a total of seven 6 mm copper heat pipes. These meet at a nickel-plated copper base. This set will fit Intel LGA-2000/1700/1200/115X platforms, as well as AM4 and AM5 motherboards.

Ventilation is provided by a duo of 140 mm fans. Beware of noise, as they will run from 500 rpm to 2000 rpm. At full speed, airflow will be significant at 98.6 CFM, while static pressure will rise to 2.26 mmH2O.

As for the price, as we said, expect to pay around fifty dollars for a cooler that shares a format equivalent to an NH-D15, an Assassin IV or an MA824 Stealth.

Here’s the ID-Cooling product sheet!