From AM5 to 2025 and beyond!


One of the reasons for the success of Ryzen processors is the longevity of their platforms. This is an asset that cannot be taken away from AMD, whereas with Intel, you have to change motherboards every time you change processors, in the main. For example, the AM4 boards, initially launched in 2017, continue to receive new CPUs. In early 2024, new Ryzen 5000X3D processors are due to arrive! In short, AMD has announced that this support will be the same for AM5!

AM5: the platform is not ready to die!

La carte mère ROG Crosshair X670E Gene d'Asus - AM5

In an interview with overclockers UK, David McAfee, vice-president and general manager of the customer sector, states that the socket will last until 2025 and beyond as long as possible.

It has to be said that, at launch, this socket was clearly forward-looking. Indeed, it only supported DDR5 memory, while offering PCIe for storage and graphics… depending on the chipset, of course. However, when it was launched, this made it an expensive platform, which slowed down its adoption. Over time, however, the mayonnaise finally took hold, especially after the launch of the Ryzen 7000X3D processors.

In the near future, AMD is set to bring its new Ryzen 8000G APUs to market. These will offer hybrid configurations with two types of cores and next-generation graphics. Last but not least, performance promises to be insane compared to the 5000G.

Next year, we should see the arrival of the next generation of CPUs equipped with Zen 5 cores. As for Zen 6, nothing is certain, but it’s not impossible that these will also arrive on AM5 thanks to support for DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. These standards are not about to change… Normally.