For AMD, competing with the RTX 4090 is possible but not worth it


In an open interview, AMD Executive Vice President Rick Bergman and Radeon Technology Senior Vice President David Wang discussed their goals with RDNA 3 and CDNA 3. From the beginning, in concert the two men claim that they had the opportunity to release a real competitor to the RTX 4090 at AMD with RDNA 3. The Reds would have made another choice because the arrival of such a card would have resulted in an illogical price positioning on the current market as well as a jump in consumption … So real strategy or opportunistic statements

AMD avait potentiellement une concurrente à la RTX 4090
AMD had potentially a competitor to the RTX 4090

AMD: a card to compete with the RTX 4090? Feasible but not interesting

Excerpts from the two executives’ statements:

Technically, it is possible to develop a GPU with specifications that compete with theirs (the RTX 4090). However, the GPU developed in this way was introduced to the market as a graphics card with a TDP of 600W and a reference price of $1,600, and was accepted by PC gaming fans in general. After consideration, we chose not to adopt such a strategy.

The RDNA 3-based Radeon RX 7900XTX GPU is targeting $999, which is considered the “higher price” assumed by high-end users among PC gaming fans in general […]

The pricing strategy is the same as the previous RDNA 2 (Radeon RX 6000 series), with the high-end “Radeon RX 6900XT” and “Radeon RX 6800XT” targeting $999 and $699 respectively.

We’re using this strategy to fit the mainstream hardware used by today’s PC gaming enthusiasts. While demanding high performance, it must be able to work with an existing “traditional” power supply, “be able to cool the inside of the case sensibly,” and be able to be installed without requiring an extremely large case.” –The high-end Radeon RX product group was designed with this in mind.

Obviously, the arguments made here make sense especially for those who have had to install an RTX 4090 (or even below) in their chassis.