100,000 RTX 4090 GPUs Shipped and Still Out of Stock


The GeForce RTX 4090 card was launched barely a month ago and we’ve learned in the last few hours that Nvidia has sent more than 100,000 GPUs to its partners to produce RTX 4090s in the colors of their various brands. However, this card, which is priced at $1500 in the US and nearly €2000 in Europe, is hard to find and the shortages are there. A situation that Nvidia can only interpret as the validation of its strategy of high prices.

RTX 4090 ruptures
An RTX 4090 card exceeding $1500/2000€ and yet breakages are everywhere

The RTX 4090 victims of breakage…

A surprising situation when the time of mining seems to be over, when the constraints on production are much more limited (NVIDIA has assured that there would be about 5 times more stock of RTX 40 at launch compared to the last generation)… But yet the cards are no longer available. It’s hard to find a reference in stock online, except for venturing on crazy prices that show the persistence of a speculation phenomenon. So, it is said that team Green have redirected part of their production to much more lucrative products such as cards dedicated to AI which are leaving “en masse” to China before the embargo date. But if these figures are confirmed, there are 100,000 people who have acquired a card over the last 30 days. The RTX 4090 in its various forms would have generated at least $150 million in revenue in 30 days. These figures are perplexing and a first reading will attribute them to the “resilience” of the gaming market…

A PC gaming market where the TOP 10 most played games in 2022 include Fortnite, Roblox, GTA, League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft … Gamers who were all waiting, surely, an RTX 4090.