AMD : what’s new on RDNA3 and CDNA3 ?


After the presentation of the CPUs at the AMD Financial Analyst Day, it is the turn of the RDNA3 and CDNA3 GPUs to reveal information.

Chiplets for the AMD RDNA3 and CDNA3 GPUs

AMD FAD 2022

On the GPU side at this ADF, there was less news. The brand recalled old information about RDNA3, with a goal to improve performance per watt by more than 50% compared to RDNA2. However, we now have the official confirmation that the RDNA3 architecture will use chiplets (GCD and MCD). No word on RDNA4, except that it will use advanced etching (4nm or 3nm?) and should arrive before 2024, at the same time as the Zen 5 processors.

AMD FAD 2022

With CDNA3, AMD wants to offer what could be the “ultimate” APU with the MI300, which will be equipped with multiple CDNA3 GPU and Zen 4 CPU chiplets, all coupled with 3D V-Cache and HBM(3?) memory, and etched in 5nm.

The MI300 would become the first data center APU, offering density incomparable to traditional servers and designed to offer the best bandwidth and latency, all while offering controlled power consumption through unification in a single product.