AMD confirms the (limited) problems of the RX 7900 XTX


The RX 7900s have been fairly well received, but recently some people have been pointing fingers at thermal issues on the RX 7900 XTX. Soon, as we reported here, the source of the soaring temperatures was identified in the card’s heatsink. In the first Der8auer claimed that something was wrong with the heatsink. Today AMD confirms this and above all gives official explanations and above all confirms the warranty coverage of the cards that are victims of this defect.

problèmes 7900 XTX 110°

First of all, AMD affirms that the problem is really localized on a batch of 7900 XTX boards. The dissipation liquid would not be present in sufficient quantity in the vapor chamber. A problem which, according to AMD, does not exist any more and which will be particularly controlled for the series in manufacture.

It all comes down to a small batch of vapor chamber that actually has a problem, not enough water and it is a very small percentage (…) that is the primary cause.

Scott Herkleman – Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD Radeon

7900 XTX: limited problems and possible exchange?

Now there is the question of how to deal with this problem. Reluctant at the beginning, AMD now grants after-sales support for cards that go up to 110°c. Several contradictory information have circulated on the modalities of this support. At the beginning, it was mentioned that there was a total lack of stock, which meant that a refund would be necessary. However, in its communication, AMD claims to have enough replacement units, which means that the rumors that they are in short supply are incorrect.