RTX 4000: a heatsink that can dissipate 900W seen!


What we need to know is that NVIDIA would have planned very large ADA GPUs capable of reaching crazy power consumption… And when we say “crazy”, it’s crazy with the 900W (peak) mentioned! Of course, cooling such a chip is a real tour de force. On one of the posts of the forum Chiphell you can see some pictures of this RTX 4000 heatsink designed to dissipate these insane amount!

RTX 4000: what does a heatsink capable of cooling 900W power peaks look like?

RTX 4000 Presumably, the design chosen remains similar to the current one with a nice aluminum frame. However, it is the aluminum fin block that raises questions. As you can see, they are mounted in parallel to the base of the heatsink and not perpendicular. Obviously, the heatsink would be mounted vertically on the PCB since we can see the attachment points of the latter. The same goes for the parts in contact with the memory and the power supply stages. RTX 4000 Finally, the location of a fan can be easily seen from the shape of the fins at the back of the block. As with the current cards, we imagine that a second slot is provided on the other side of the block, towards the front this time.

As our colleagues at VideoCardz point out, NVIDIA has not yet commented on these shots. It would be interesting to have the official version of the brand. Nevertheless, if such cards had entered production and then been distributed, this would have posed a serious problem of compatibility with current cases… This is already more or less the case with the RTX 4090.