DLSS 3 comes to Starfield


A few days ago, we announced the arrival of the new Starfield game, with privileged support for AMD cards via FSR. The prior agreement with AMD thus ruled out other upscaling technologies such as Intel’s XeSS and, above all, NVIDIA’s DLSS in Starfield. Gamers equipped with an Intel or NVIDIA graphics card were not in for a treat, especially as the game is relatively greedy.

Le DLSS 3 dans le jeu Starfield

But now, LukeFZ and PureDark have released two mods (free and paid) supporting DLSS-G, i.e. DLSS with DLSS 3’s own Frame Generation. These mods allow you to replace FSR 2 with DLSS in the graphics options. Our Vertex colleague had the opportunity to test Starfield with PureDark’s mod in beta 6 and here are his results with his configuration based on an AMD 7800X3D, an NVIDIA RTX 4090 and 64 GB DDR5 6000c30.

By default, it averages 79 FPS. Once DLSS2 is active, the average rises to 96 FPS, and when DLSS2 is combined with Frame Generation, it reaches 139 FPS! The resolution scale increases from 2560x1080p to 3440x1440p for DLSS 2. DLSS 2 is set via the in-game resolution scale setting, with 50% being performance mode and 75% ultra quality mode.

It’s worth noting that LukeFZ’s DLSS-G mod isn’t yet perfected, and only DLSS 2 is active. After several tests, Pure Dark’s Beta mod proved to be the best performer.

Le DLSS 3 dans le jeu Starfield

There are a number of free and paid sites where you can access these technologies if your game lacks them. These include PureDark ‘s Patreon (for a fee) and NexusMods. Of course, these are mods, so there may still be a few bugs with DLSS and XeSS in Starfield.