DDR5 Netac based on SK Hynix A-Die chips!


The Chinese brand Netac, is not necessarily known in our countries. Nevertheless, you should know that it is specialized in the field of memory. It offers SSDs as well as DDR5 RAM kits in particular. In short, we learn that the latter has developed a whole series of memory modules based on A-Die chips signed Sk Hynix!

Netac RAM with A-Die chips!

Netac DDR5 Sk Hynix A-DieFor the time being, the brand has managed to come up with a little jewel with sets that are seriously off the hook. Indeed, the Z series RGB DDR5 displays frequencies reaching 8000 MT/s in dual channel. So we find high-performance kits with capacities of 32 GB and 64 GB!

Otherwise, this new series starts with sets running at 6000 MT/s at the very least. Then, it goes up gradually: 6200 MT/s, 6600 MT/s, 7200 MT/s and 7600 MT/s. The voltages also rise crescendo since we start very small with 1.35V and we end up reaching 1.5V at 8000 MT/s. No need to tell you that the timings do the same.

Finally, we would like to say a few words about the design. On this subject, the bars are neat with a little touch of RGB on the top. Finally, the heatsink is available in black or silver with a mirror finish. In short, it looks very nice!

Now we just need to know if the OC profiles are stored in XMP or EXPO profiles.