CVN B650 Gaming Frozen V14: two AMD cards from Colorful!


Colorful’s CVN B650 Gaming Frozen V14 and CVN B650M Gaming Frozen V14 are new motherboards. We’re talking about two new motherboards for AMD processors!

CVN B650 Gaming Frozen V14: two AMD motherboards!

Colorful CVN B650 Gaming Frozen V14The program features two new motherboards, one in ATX format, the other in micro-ATX format. In both cases, we’re dealing with boards equipped with an AM5 socket and a B650 chipset.

In terms of technical specifications, the first PCIe x16 connector operates to the 5.0 standard. Subsequent connectors will be PCIe 4.0. The storage section also features two slots interfaced with PCIe 5.0 x4, enough for MSI’s forthcoming Spatium M580? Certainly.

Otherwise, as far as RAM is concerned, of course, we find support for DDR5 memory. The boards will happily accept up to 192 GB of RAM, all at 7600 MT/s.

On the CPU side, power can be supplied via two 8-pin EPS12V connectors. As for power supply stages, the micro-ATX model boasts a total of 12 2 1 power supply phases, compared with 16 2 1 for the ATX version.

As for prices, via Aliexpress, we can get our hands on the ATX version for ~290 €.

Here and here are the Colorful product sheets!