CPU cooling buying guide (2022)


Time has seriously passed since our last CPU cooling buying guide. As a reminder, our last big report was in 2019! So, in 3 years, new heatsink references have arrived on the market, others have left. But what is left? We peel back all that and we offer you the references that caught our attention. Are you ready? Let’s go !

We won’t teach you anything, a processor, when it works, it heats up. Less in idle, but when it is used, you still need to have something to cool it down. Especially lately with the increase in the number of cores that Intel and AMD have delivered. In theory, the more cores there are, the hotter they get, so you’ll need to provide cooling accordingly… Especially if you’re going to overclock, for example.

In short, during this 2022 cooling guide, we will answer the classic question: “What references should I take into account according to my budget? The focus compared to our 2016 guide hasn’t changed.

Before continuing, it is important to know that if a reference is not part of the guide, it is not because it is bad, far from it. Think of this guide as a selection of good coolers based on their price category. Moreover, for the selection, we based ourselves on the offer of Amazon France and on the catalogs of the LDLC group stores (Top Achat, Matériel.net, etc.). In short, as for the previous guides, this one will also be divided into four categories:

  • Entry level : from 0 € to 30 €
  • Mid-range: 30 € to 50 €
  • High end : 50 € to 100 €
  • Very high end: > 100 €

Come on, let’s go Guingamp!