CPU cooling buying guide (2022)


Entry level

Buying guide cooling 2022 : entroduction to the range

We start this buying guide with the entry-level category which represents solutions between 0 € and 30 €. This section is intended to cover the cooling needs of small processors that consume and heat little. Users do not want to go into overclocking and the machine is intended for light use.


Entry level : the radbox

AMD Wraith Stealth Spire Prism

A few years ago, AMD updated its whole range of heatsinks that come with their processors. Well, you should know that these are still available when you buy a new processor… Be careful though, as the Wraith Spire seems to have disappeared from the boxes, while the radbox is totally absent from the packaging of the biggest Ryzen. Indeed, the Ryzen 7 and 9 series do not include a heatsink anymore. At the same time, with the increase in consumption of these processors, the situation was becoming difficult to maintain.

At Intel, the blue giant recently surprised hardware enthusiasts (or not) by unveiling a new design for their “committed” heatsink. This newcomer has a more worked visual. It can be used on all CPU ranges, from the Core i3 to the Core i9, as long as it is a non-overclockable model.

Finally, what to think of this solution? It may be interesting if you don’t have the budget to spend on an alternative cooler. Nevertheless, you should not be too demanding. Otherwise, we can only advise you to increase your budget by about 30 euros to go for something bigger and perhaps more suitable.

Entry level : Fox Spirit Cold Snap VT120 Black

Fox Spirit Cold Snap VT120 Black

For a budget of about thirty euros, we find a model that stands out from the rest: the Fox Spirit Cold Snap VT120 Black. With this model, we skip all the small references in 92 mm to go directly to 120 mm. So for 29.90 € at Top Achat, what do we have here?

Firstly, we find a heatsink with a surface of exchange (surface in contact with the air) higher than what we offer a radbox. Then, we have the right to copper heat pipes, four in number, in charge of transporting the heat to the aluminum fins. And finally, a fan, imposing, of 12 cm. However, its size is not necessarily synonymous with large noise pollution since its speed of 1650 rpm should ensure a low noise level.

Finally, the aesthetics is worked with black aluminum fins, a top cover hiding the unsightly bous of the heat pipes. In short, it is affordable and tasteful. And if you want a bright light, the RGB version is available for 10 € more. But it remains accessory for this price range, better to focus on efficiency!

OCC’s Entry Level Tips:

  • Radbox
  • Fox Spirit Cold Snap VT120 Black