CPU cooling buying guide (2022)



2022 Cooling Buyer’s Guide: meld of range

Let’s now go up in range and attack the more advanced heatsinks, the mid-range fans. These have a larger exchange surface and therefore better cooling performance. The products that interest us are located in a price range between 31 € and 50 €. Overclocking can be considered, but sparingly. Let’s see which references can be included in this buying guide.


Mid-range: DeepCool AK400

DeepCool AK400

In this mid-range segment, we found a reference that particularly seduced us: theAK400 from DeepCool. Indeed, during our test, it turned out that the heatsink was particularly convincing because of its temperature and its controlled noise level.

However, it also shines by its compact size since its 155 mm height will allow it to slip in almost anywhere. The same goes for its thickness, since this model is 97 mm thick, so there should not be any major concerns about compatibility with RAM. Finally, the last interesting point is that it is compatible with Intel‘s LGA-1700 socket.

In short, for about 40 euros, we have a heatsink that is right in the middle of our 30€ to 50€ price range. The aesthetics are not to be outdone either. For us, this is clearly a reference to aim for in this price segment.

Mid-Range Alternative:Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo

If we were to suggest an alternative heatsink, it would be the Freezer 34 eSports Duo from Arctic. With this model, we’re moving on to a model that’s a bit bigger, thanks to its two 120mm fans… Because yes, it comes with two mills mounted in push/pull.

Once again, the performances are there, at least, they match with the DeepCool offer. And this Swiss model also offers a rather controlled noise. It is a reference that we advise you if you do not find the AK400 at the dealer you wish to visit… Or if you are looking for a very particular aesthetic. This model is available in several colors. Anyway, it’s not a bad choice either!

OCC Tip for Mid-Range:

  • Mid-range:
    • DeepCool AK400
  • Mid-range alternative:
    • Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo