CPU cooling buying guide (2022)




Now it’s time to conclude our 2022 CPU cooler buying guide. As we have seen, there are many models on the market and it is easy to get lost. By the way, as we said, if a heatsink does not appear in our file, it is not because it is necessarily bad. We try to advise you references that offer you the most for less without breaking your ears… Or that you will have to adjust for hours before having an optimal profile.

This is why many models from Arctic, DeepCool or Noctua are included in this file. These manufacturers offer references with an excellent temperature/noise ratio. Of course, we could have told you about the MSI or NZXT kits with their screens, but we are forced to admit that the bill soars, making them less interesting in view of their price.

Moreover, we have tried to present you as much as possible models already tested by us in order to advise you in full knowledge of the facts. In short, we hope that this buying guide has helped you to see a little more clearly in this field!