Chione M4: more AIOs with LCD screens from Gamdias!


Earlier this year, Gamdias launched its Chione P3 watercooling kits. These featured an IPS screen on top of the pump. With the new Chione M4 series, the screen is still there, but the base of the kit has evolved. These are the famous AIOs, with the pump offset in the pipes.

Chione M4: a new series with display for Gamdias!

Gamdias Chione M4In terms of radiator sizes, the brand offers AIOs equipped with 240 mm, 360 mm and 420 mm radiators. The latter are a rather substantial 32 mm thick. We’re not yet up to the level of an Arctic Liquid Freezer II kit, but we’re above the usual 27 mm. Potentially better temperatures thanks to a larger heat exchange surface… In theory.

On the pump side, we find the famous kits where the pump is plugged into the pipes. However, no information on the pump is available.

Finally, there’s a waterblock with a copper base. It also features an LCD screen for displaying various system-related information, such as CPU temperature or fan speed… All the more so as it can be rotated through 360┬░.

As far as ventilation is concerned, the 140 mm fans will operate at up to 1600 rpm. At this speed, they will generate an airflow of 90 CFM and a static pressure of 1.63 mmH2O. In 120 mm, ventilation will be faster, reaching 2000 rpm. Air flow will rise to 69.01 CFM, while static pressure will reach 2.37 mmH2O.

As for socket compatibility, these are AIOs that can be installed on LGA-2000/1700/1200/115x as well as AMD AM5/4/3 and FM2 /2/1.

For the moment, we don’t know the sales price.

Here are the Gamdias product sheets!