China gets a non-overclockable RTX 4090 D!


To replace the original 4090, banned from China due to US restrictions, NVIDIA will be offering the RTX 4090 D. However, the latter differs slightly from the original card not only in its GPU, but also in the OC, which simply won’t be possible.

RTX 4090 D: no OC possible!

RTX 4090 D

As a reminder, while this D model does indeed feature 24 GB of VRAM and a 384 bus (>1 To/s bandwidth), the GPU will not be the same. In order to break the 4800 TPP barrier, NVIDIA has no choice but to offer a castrated GPU with less cuda core than the original model. What’s more, the TGP has also been reduced, dropping 25W from 450W to 425W.

Turning now to frequencies, the Chinese version will offer a higher base frequency than the first card. However, the boost will remain identical at 2520 MHz. And this is where another difference comes into play: the impossibility of overclocking on this model. At the same time, shouldn’t we be able to catch up with the 4090’s performance with a well-executed overclocking?

It remains to be seen how NVIDIA ‘s partners, who usually offer factory OC and non-OC boards, will respond. However, if this restriction is imposed at hardware level, it may well be difficult to circumvent… Too bad for Chinese clockers.