An RTX 4090 D with higher frequencies than the 4090?


NVIDIA’s RTX 4090 D is back in the news, this time for its alleged frequencies. Apparently, according to leakers, the card has a faster base frequency than the original RTX 4090!

RTX 4090 D: a higher base frequency than the original card?

RTX 4090 D

For the moment, the card’s technical specifications are not yet known. We’re just beginning to get leaks here and there that give us a hint of what this model will be like. For example, in order to get back under the symbolic 4800 TPP mark, the limit imposed by US sanctions, NVIDIA will be opting for a smaller GPU.

The program will feature an AD102-250 rather than the AD102-350 of the original card. Of course, the number of Cuda cores will be reduced, while memory will remain unchanged. 24 GB GDDR6X, a 384-bit memory bus and a bandwidth of just over 1 TB/s will be present.

However, despite the smaller GPU, we’re expecting slightly higher frequencies, with 2280 MHz as the base, versus 2520 MHz as the boost. At least, that’s what we’ve learned from @MEGAsizeGPU. As a reminder, the original 4090 features frequencies of 2235/2520 MHz.

Finally, the price would be 12,999 yuan, the same as for the “basic” 4090. In any case, it would appear that NVIDIA has not given up on its card, despite the government’s latest statements.