[CES 2024] Mystique AIOs with screens from DeepCool!


DeepCool (via TechpowerUp) is back at CES to present its Mystique all-in-one watercooling kits. These complement the announcement of the CH780 enclosure and the AIO LS Zero Dark.

Mystique: DeepCool now also offers screens on its AIOs!

There are two series on the menu, the Mystique and Mystique Plus. The difference between the two? First and foremost, the size of the radiator. For the moment, the Plus range only includes a single 420mm kit equipped with a larger 3.4″ screen. This has a 480×480 resolution and a larger waterblock.

Models from the basic series are available in 240 mm and 360 mm. However, the screen size is also smaller: 2.8″. However, despite its smaller size, the screen resolution (480×640) is higher than that of the Mystique Plus.

DeepCool Mystique Plus

Otherwise, with these kits, the brand is offering new FT12 SE and FT14 fans, which are a change from those currently found on the brand’s kits. It remains to be seen what their characteristics will be.

A little bonus: the Assassin 4S shows off!

Assassin 4SFinally, the Assassin 4S, a compact version of the already imposing Assassin 4, is on the brand’s stand… However, to say ‘compact’ is a little strong in the sense that this version has had one fan removed from each of its two. In fact, this model will retain only the 140mm fan between the two cooling towers. The aim is to reduce its depth.

As for the rest, the cooler shares the same design and structure as the original model. It still has seven copper heat pipes, and the speed selector is still on the top.