Cannon Pro: a 2500W FSP power supply with four 12V-2×6!


FSP power supplies are back in the news, with a new high-power model in the pipeline. Apparently, the brand is working on a 2500W Cannon Pro block with a total of four 12V-2×6 connectors, the new version of the 12VHPWR.

Cannon Pro: a crazy model from FSP!

FSP Cannon Pro

The power supply in question is expected to boast a colossal 2500W of power, while offering a high level of efficiency. In fact, the 80 Platinum certification guarantees 94% efficiency at 50% load. Of course, cable management is fully modular.

Speaking of connectors, there are four 12V-2x6s, the new-generation 12VHPWRs announced as being safer. With such a block, you’ll be able to power four RTX 4090s… After that, it’s up to you to find the case and motherboard to accommodate them, as well as the usefulness of such a machine!

Otherwise, the block looks like a real cinder block. The electrical part features a single 12V rail, while all electrical protections are present. As for cooling, a 135 mm fan is provided.

It remains to be seen when this power supply will be announced, perhaps CES would be a good time for the brand. In the meantime, we were talking about this range initially on this page.