Cannon Pro 2000W : a very big power supply from FSP !


The brand FSP announces the arrival of a very big power supply with its Cannon Pro 2000W. This is a power supply clearly intended to power very large configurations. Moreover, in terms of connectivity, it clearly has what it takes!

Cannon Pro 2000W: up to 18 PCIe 6+2 pins!

FSP Cannon Pro 2000W

Very clearly, with this new model, we forget all compactness, since the block displays a depth of 20 cm! Basically, this is the same size as the huge Corsair AX1600i.

Otherwise, as you can see, the block offers a fully modular management of its cables. Concerning the certification, we expected a little better than a simple 80+ Gold… But well.

On its side, the cooling is ensured by a fan with double bearing of 135 mm. However, no semi-passive operation. Internally, we will find 100% Japanese capacitors in 105°C. Finally, the block has the following electrical protections: OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP and OTP.

The connectivity will allow to supply very, very big machines. Indeed, this power supply puts forward an ATX 24 pins and two EPS12V 8 pins. For the graphics part, we have 18 PCIe 6+2 pins, 14 SATA, 5 molex and 1 floppy.

In short, this is clearly the kind of block that we will find in workstations… Even mining rigs.

The price is not announced for the moment, however, we know that the warranty will be 3 years. Finally, the worldwide availability is not guaranteed either.

Here is the FSP (Japan) datasheet !