ASRock unveils Raptor Lake Refresh? gains


ASRock is no stranger to releasing sensitive information, verified or otherwise, on its account on the Chinese social network Weibo. But this time, it’s under his signature that the brand has published some important details about the next-generation Intel Core for desktop PCs, aka Raptor Lake Refresh . First of all, ASRock confirms the timetable that has been circulating for some time: the new Intel CPU series is due to debut in October this year. It’s highly likely that Intel will unveil this new CPU range at its Innovation 2023 event at the end of September. But the first 14th-generation K-series processors (14900K/14700K/14600K) will be available for purchase a month later.

Raptor Lake Refresh
Upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh CPU configurations

As far as performance is concerned, it’s not clear whether ASRock is simply relaying the rumors that are swirling around, or whether the figures come from the company itself. The brand mentions a potential increase in single-core performance from 4% to 8 and an increase in multi-core performance from 8% to 15%. Interestingly, it is also claimed that the next generation will feature native support for the DDR5-6400 JEDEC memory standard. If confirmed, this is obviously an appreciable evolution compared to the 12th gen “Alder Lake”, which supports DDR5-4800 JEDEC, but also compared to the current 13th generation “Raptor Lake”, which supports DDR5-5600.


ASRock confirms that its current range will be progressively “badged” with a “Next-Gen CPU Ready” logo, confirming that a bios update will make 600/700 series motherboards (to be confirmed) compatible with this 14th generation.