AKRacing Masters Max Aerotex: an XXL seat in fabric!


In addition to the Masters Premium Okayama chair, AKRacing has announced a new gaming chair. The Masters Max Aerotex is an XXL chair for tall people. The Aerotex version features breathable fabric!

Masters Max Aerotex: an XXL fabric seat!

AKRacing Masters Max AerotexWith this new reference, AKRacing offers us a seat for tall people. If you’re between 1.70 m and around 2 m tall and weigh between 77 kg and 172 kg, this is the chair for you.

The shape is designed for well-built people. The seat is flat, while the backrest bucket sections are more open than on a purely gaming chair.

Of course, we can always rely on the internal steel structure, while the base is aluminum. The upholstery is based on cold foam with a density of 55 kg/m3 for the seat and 50 kg/m² for the back. Normally, with this density, it should not deform easily.

Other features include 4D armrests, a 180° reclining backrest and a heavy-duty piston with a maximum load capacity of 180 kg. And of course, the upholstery is made of breathable Aerotex fabric. Warm in winter, but pleasant in summer.

The official price for this version is €529, with a special offer of €423 at present. The PU version is currently on sale for between €300 and over €600, depending on color and store.

Click here for the AKRacing product sheet!