Premium Okayama: a chair with Japanese denim upholstery from AKRacing!


The AKRacing presents a range of new gaming chairs, including a model that really piques our curiosity: the Premium Okayama. The latter features a new Japanese denim cover! Clearly, it’s going to last the test of time!

Premium Okayama: Japanese denim upholstery!

AKRacing Premium OkayamaYes, the visual aspect may not appeal to everyone, and that’s understandable. However, we find it totally original, where brands usually serve us low-end PU or fabric from who knows where… In this case, we know that the coating comes from Japan, and more precisely from the city of Okayama between Osaka and Hiroshima.

On the website page, we learn that these jeans are still produced by hand using old-fashioned looms. The result, combined with other factors, is an ultra-resistant coating over time… And that’s not counting the Japanese attention to detail.

AKRacing Premium Okayama

The rest of the chair is taken from AKRacing’s Masters Premium series. The seat itself is made of tubular steel, while the base is aluminum. The seat is upholstered in high-density cold-cured foam: 55 kg/m3 for the seat, 50 kg/m3 for the back. Last but not least, it features 4D armrests and a 180° reclining backrest.

Finally, this chair is designed for people between 1.65 m and 1.98 m tall and weighing between ~70 kg and ~122 kg.