A Scythe GT360 AIO spotted on the net!


This morning, we discover a mysterious product from Scythe. Indeed, via HXL on X, we can admire a rather special watercooling kit offered by the Japanese brand. However, this kit is not included in the brand’s range!

GT360: a mysterious AIO from Scythe!

Scythe GT360As you can see, the AIO in question is more akin to a custom model assembled as an all-in-one kit. As you can see, it features a 360 mm radiator topped by three 120 mm fans. These are very similar to the radiator mounted on the RADEON R9 Fury X. They feature seven blades linked together by an internal hoop. This design is intended to generate high static pressure.

Otherwise, the pump is integrated directly into the pipes. However, this element remains imposing, especially when compared to the size of the radiator. We can reasonably expect a model to generate a certain flow.

Finally, there’s a massive waterblock on which a removable part is mounted, obviously incorporating a screen. However, the dimensions of the thing make us think that these AIOs are not intended for mainstream Intel and AMD platforms.