+40% more performance for Chinese MTT S80 and S70 boards!


When China wants to make its own graphics cards, the result is the MTT S80 and S70. However, when they came out, they were real disasters, and still are to a greater or lesser extent. Recently, we talked about how these models were capable of rendering on Unreal Engine 5. Today, we learn that a fresh driver greatly improves their performance!

MTT S80 & S70: up to 40% more performance!

MTT S80With the company’s latest driver, we learn that the Chinese cards gain support for a new API. Indeed, OpenGL 3.3 is now supported, whereas this was not the case until now.

Nevertheless, the key point of this version is the announced performance gains. Please note, however, that the company is speaking in percentages and not in framerates. It’s hard to say whether the gains are really convincing, since going from 1 FPS to 2 FPS represents a 100% boost, but it’s still unplayable!

Moore Thread, for example, reports a 40% increase in performance on Valorant at 1080p, with full graphic detail. On Project Cars, the framerate is claimed to have improved by 10%, while on Neon Noir, a benchmark based on Cry Engine 5.7 shows a 40% performance boost. On Unigine Valley under DirectX 11, scores are up by 30%. Significant percentages, but then again, if you’re going from 1 FPS to 2 FPS…

Last but not least, stability has been improved on Dark Souls: Remastered, GTFO, The Riftbreaker , as well as onSketchup 2023 and 3D One. And that’s not counting the extensive list of patches deployed, some twenty in all, which we won’t go into in detail.

In short, things seem to be improving for Chinese graphics cards. Nonetheless, this raises questions about the real gains made by these cards.