Chinese GPUs capable of Unreal Engine 5 rendering!


China has succeeded, not without effort, in producing its own graphics cards for gamers. This led to the arrival of the MTT S80 and, later, the MTT S70. Nevertheless, these cards lag far behind the offerings of AMD and NVIDIA. This is due to particularly slow driver development. Currently, the brand is barely managing to get Unreal Engine 5 to work!

Unreal Engine 5, Moore Threads cards finally compatible?

Unbreal Engine 5 Matrix The Awakening

Clearly, the company is working to improve support for its cards. This time, we learn that MTT cards are compatible withUE5. However, to achieve this, the company has teamed up with Real-Link, another Unreal Engine licensing company based in China.

The result isUE5 support via Microsoft’s DirectX 11API. The cards were even capable of running The Matrix Awakening demo. Features such as Lumen, volumetric clouds and atmospheric dispersion were correctly taken into account.

Various games were also tested, including titles running under Unreal Engine. Via Wccftech, we have an overview of the performance/consumption ratio obtained on different titles. Unfortunately, no indication was given of the framerates achieved.

MTT S80 benchmark Unreal Engine games

Clearly, compared to the GTX 1050 Ti, it’s quite simply a catastrophe. We can see that the card consumes an enormous amount of power for performance that is, as we can imagine, at rock-bottom levels. At least, that’s what’s suggested here.

Now, via our Spanish colleagues, we learn that the brand is working on the development of new cards. These could be launched during 2024. The company is also working on improving performance withUE5, as well as DirectX 12 support. But yes, there’s still a long way to go if the company is to compete with the giants.

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