Windows 12 in June 2024?


We’ve reported here several times on the rumors and statements about a forthcoming Windows 12. New information seems to support the statements made by AMD and Intel bosses: Microsoft’s future OS will arrive in June 2024. At this stage, everyone is talking about Windows 12, without really knowing whether we’ll be getting a new OS or a major update. On the other hand, all the leaks and rumors are converging on a deeper integration of artificial intelligence into the operating system, along with improved security. This increased AI integration could mean significant changes in the way the operating system works and interacts with users, but specific details on these features are not yet clear.

Windows 12 arriverait en 2024

Windows 12 is scheduled for release in June 2024.

This date doesn’t come out of nowhere, though. According to media sources close to the PC industry, this date is on the calendar of the major brands, which are expecting a profound upheaval in the market. Indeed, to benefit from all the AI and security functionalities, you’ll need a processor with dedicated capabilities. These expectations are also in line with statements made by AMD and Intel executives. Just recently, the CFO of the blue-chip company said: ” We still think that the installed base is quite old and needs a refresh, and we think that next year may be the start of that, given the Windows catalyst.