Will the future PS5 Pro really be more muscular?


A surprising leak, to say the least. While we knew that Sony was going to carry out a hardware update for the release of the PS5 Pro, we weren’t expecting a major upheaval, given the necessary respect for the filiation with its big sister. However, if the leaks that have just emerged prove to be true, this new PS5 Pro will make a huge leap forward in terms of performance. According to the video’s author, AMD and Sony are preparing a real revolution by equipping this future version with an APU whose CPU power would be practically equivalent to a Ryzen 7700. At the same time, graphics performance would also be boosted, approaching that of an RX 7700.

It’s clearly difficult to confirm the “information” produced in the video above. Sony would be able to equip its PS5 evolution with a new APU that AMD will produce using the 5 nm or 4 nm process. We’re talking about a processor part with 8 cores under Zen 4 and an iGPU with 60 CU (30 WGP) based on “RDNA 3.5”. In other words, it’s a custom Strix Halo APU. What’s confusing is that the graphics part is said to feature 16 GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM, while DDR5 (LPDDR5?) is confirmed for OS operation.

According to several credible industry sources, the PS5 Pro, codenamed ” Project Trinity “, is already running demonstrations in selected studios. All studios will receive “development kits” by November 2023, and the commercial version could be launched in the last quarter of 2024. According to this timetable, the next “real” generation of consoles (PS6 and others) won’t arrive before 2028.

A leap in performance that needs to be put into perspective with what the PC world is promising for the end of 2024…