V-Color launches memory kits for the TRX50 platform


The range of memory kits for AMD’s TRX50 platform continues to expand with the arrival of new V-Color kits. The brand thus announces new memory kits specially dedicated to this HEDT/workstation/server platform… It’s up to you!

TRX50: DDR5 RAM kits from V-Color!

V-Color DDR5 RDIMM TRX50The brand’s program includes rather compact memory modules. They feature shiny silver aluminum heatsinks. However, no RGB- this is serious business, no time for that. At the same time, this makes for a more compact design.

As for specifications, it’s difficult to be exhaustive on the subject, since we only know the capacities of the kits. What we do know is that the brand offers four-module kits with capacities ranging from 64 GB (4×16 GB) to 128 GB (4×32 GB). For the rest, the memory is compatible with AMD Expo profiles, while maximum speeds of 7200 MT/s are provided. However, timings and voltages are still unknown.

Naturally, this is memory to be installed on a Pro WS TRX50 Sage WiFi, TRX50 Aero D or ASRock TRX50 WS card.

Kits should be available by the end of November via the brand’s website.