Tweak League: competitors and configuration details announced


We’re now getting down to the nitty-gritty of the Tweak League. The 5 competitors from the community have now been selected. They will be supported by coaches from our Discord server to work on the components they receive.

Tweak League concurrents et composants

A quick reminder of the rules of the game: the aim is to optimize a gaming PC configuration as best as possible for everyday, totally stable use. Our 5 competitors will have the same components, and only their tricks and skills will enable them to stand out from the crowd.

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Tweak League: detailed configuration for Round 1

Earlier, we announced the partners who will be joining us for Round 1, and now here are the details of the PC configuration on which our friends will be working:

Brand Reference
Processor INTEL Core i5-14600KF
Motherboard ASUS B760 TUF
2×16 GB DDR5 Vengeance RGB 6000mts

MP600 1TB NVMe

Cooling DEEPCOOL AK620 Digital
Chassis DEEPCOOL CH560 Digital
Thermal paste Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme


Tweak League: Round 1 competitors


Presentation: I’m JapWhite, a 21-year-old computer science student with a passion for rhythm games like “Osu!” or FPS. Discord moderator since 2020 and member of the team on HWBOT, I contribute to server activity whenever I can.

I like to optimize my PCs when I have time to spare, whether to maximize performance or find the right balance between power and efficiency. I’ve been able to explore RAM overclocking with DDR3 and DDR4, CPU overclocking with Sandy Bridge, Haswell, Skylake and Zen 1/2/3/4, and GPU overclocking with Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, Ampere, GCN4/5 and RDNA2. Having been an AMD Ryzen user since 2018, this is an opportunity for me to rediscover what Intel has to offer. My current PC consists of a Ryzen 7 7800X3D, a B650 Gaming Plus Wi-Fi, a Deepcool AK620, an RX 7800XT Nitro and 32GB of DDR5 6000C30. For me, the Tweak League is a threefold challenge, as it will enable me to get to grips with even more hardware, link all the knowledge I’ve acquired in the past, and formalize it all so I can share it with everyone.

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Tweak League concurrents


Presentation : I live in the south of France, in the Pyrénées-Orientales department, and I’m well into my forties. I’ve always had a passion for computer hardware and video games, and became interested in overclocking at a very early age. Acquiring new knowledge and seeking new approaches to achieve one’s goals is extremely rewarding for daily/bench optimization and overclocking. What I enjoy most is maximizing the daily performance of my machines and those of others, and helping others to achieve this is very gratifying. Sharing is really important to me, in the same way as others have done with me.

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Presentation : I’m passionate about anything that even remotely resembles a transistor. In general, I’ve always wondered how things work. It was this curiosity that got me interested in hardware and computing in general. I first became interested in hardware when I was in my teens, around 10th grade. Since then, many of my professional and personal activities have revolved around this field. I started creating hardware-related content quite early on, both in videos on YouTube and even live in 2013, over 10 years ago! What’s more, I’m a real Keyboard Addict!

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Tweak League concurrentsCodeCommando

Presentation : I’ve been building and optimizing PCs for streamers and other enthusiasts for over 6 years. I’m a student but I like to spend more time on PCs. I’ve also created quite a few videos for others, until I decided to go into business for myself. I often do my own testing, but I have to admit that I get the best information from the OCC community.

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Tweak League concurrentsMischa

Overview: As soon as you enter my cave, you’re greeted by the gentle hum of an overclocked server and the delicate aroma of resin from my latest 3D print. I also like to switch to the dark side, as I’m a devoted disciple of the Mac and the iPhone, juggling the two worlds deftly. A Sim Racing enthusiast, I immerse myself as much in the components of my many PCs as in the fascinating world of CAD, where I design my next inventions.

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