Tweak League: our partners announced


The Tweak League was announced just a few days ago. For those who missed the announcement, the Tweak League is a competition organized by, showcasing the PC-optimizing skills of its community members.

The idea here is to select 5 members who will have STRICTLY IDENTICAL hardware to assemble a PC. They’ll have to use their tricks and skills to optimize it as best they can, giving rise to a stable PC that can be used on a daily basis in a gaming environment. They won’t be on their own, as a number of “coaches” on our discord server will be on hand to provide assistance and support. Of course, outside help from social networks is also welcome #tweakleague.

The coaches will also have the power to judge the relevance of the work of our selected candidates.

Tweak League “What do participants win?” :

Each participant will keep the complete PC they have optimized. At the end of round 1 of this Tweak League, a complete optimization guide and tutorials will be delivered for the use of anyone wishing to assemble a high-performance PC.

Is there a winner?

The Tweak League will run throughout the year, with 4 rounds, corresponding to the four quarters of this year 2024. Even before they begin, the five selected are already “winners”, since they will keep all the components they have received (we’ll be revealing the list soon). However, a final vote will distinguish the one who has come up with the best tips, the best quality of assembly and, above all, who has demonstrated it in the most educational way. He or she will then automatically be selected for the next round.

Round 1 partners :

Major partners :

  • DeepCool: the brand will supply the chassis and CPU cooling system for each Round throughout the year.

  • Intel: the brand will supply the processor for Round 1.

  • Thermal Grizzly: the brand will supply thermal paste throughout the year.

Official suppliers:

  • Asus: the brand will supply round 1 competitors with motherboards and video cards.

  • Corsair: the brand will supply competitors in round 1 with memory kit and SSD.

In the next few days, we’ll be announcing the participants and, finally, the part numbers for each of the selected components.